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Acrylic & Plastic Fabrication Services

Present your business and products with a display fabricated by APF's team of skilled and experienced craftspeople. Our well equipped and resourced factory in Silverwater ensures tight deadlines can be met. From initial consultation through the choice of materials, fabrication, packing and delivery we take pride in the care and expertise we bring to your project. For over 25 years, we have been offering high quality plastic fabrication services to several reputable clients in Australia and are indeed proud of it! Having said that, we strive to continually learn and evolve, and keep delivering at high standards.

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Bending, Cutting, Moulding Services

Complex display pieces are our speciality. Cutting intricate and unique shapes, precise bending and vacuum moulding are a few of plastic fabrication processes we use to make your visions a reality. CNC Routing of 3D shapes for rapid prototyping or mould making. Plastic fabrication of 3D letters with or without illumination in size, specs and colour of your branding. Laser cutting for precision we also cut acrylic letters in any colour to any size. Send us your logo or text as an outlined Illustrator file for a quote.

  • CNC Routing
  • Etching and Printing
  • Laser cutting

Finishing and Embellishment

Sophisticated retail environments require finishes and embellishments to lift your product and brand message to the next level. We can print, etch, add lighting or hardware such as hanging devices and locks. Plastic fabrication does not need to be boring ... but in fact offers a lot to visualise, explore and create. Bring us your brief or specs and we'll help make the plan a reality.

Laser Cut Acrylic Services

Laser Cut Acrylic and Acrylic cut to size for you – available in a range of colours, thicknesses (1.5 mm to 50 mm thick) and sizes. Clear, coloured or mirror acrylic can be cut into shapes, formed, bent or polished to your specifications. On the laser cut acrylic, we can do various plastic fabrication processes such as drill holes or slots, cut grooves, or glue as required.

  • many colours available
  • variety of thicknesses
APF Design

Visualisation and Prototypes

CAD Design

Our in-house CAD services provide you with a realistic visualisation of your display prior to manufacture.


For intricate and unique ideas prototyping is often a good idea to provide proof of concept for clients.

Require something special? We have you covered for all your plastic fabrication needs.
Are you looking to produce a complex piece of visual merchandising? Get in touch, we can help.
Call us to discuss your display needs. We are shop fitting and retail display specialists.
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